ISO 9001:2015 Accreditation

WCS Commercial are dedicated to the principle of never ending improvements in service quality and customer satisfaction. Our principal aim is to always supply to our customers, high calibre professional cleaning services that meet or exceed stated or agreed customer requirements.

Maintenance of quality is the fundamental consideration during any of our business practices and must not be compromised. At all times, Management and employees are responsible to comply with quality related protocol. They are encouraged to provide suggestions and constructive criticism to improve our policies, processes and procedures.

Customers are a key source of feedback related to our services and after sales service. This feedback is openly welcomed as it forms an important basis of continual improvement. Our service is tailored to our customer with specific assignment instructions being established to each customer needs and we must therefore endeavour, to the best of our ability, meet their requirements along with statutory and regulatory requirements. To achieve the aim of this policy, Quality Objectives are established and monitored.

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